>> I'm back from Reykjavik with a full 16GB SD card loaded up with pics I took at various designer visits and shows I saw during the Reykjavik Fashion Festival.  On average I think I may have taken 200 pics per designer visit so bear with me whilst I get through a fair amount of editing. 

For now though, who's up for some gratuitous tourist shots?  Especially ones taken in the Blue Lagoon?  You'll moan and groan if your friends made you look through twenty shots of them lapping up the blue-tinted water with silica mud on their faces.  Making people endure the Blue Lagoon shots is a must when coming back from Reykjavik, especially when in my photo opp-motivated head, I kept on thinking of the possibilities of all the amazing imagery that can be had from this mystical-looking lagoon of geothermal seawater.  The one notable example I keep thinking of is the collaborative one-night-only performance by the Icelandic Dance Company, entitled 'Transaquania – Out of the Blue' which took advantage of the setting in every way possible.  I on the other hand went for the generic "Look, I'm in steamy water in a boring bathing suit, trying not to get my contact lens messed up!" style of photography…







If I was more opportunistic and creative, I would have paired up this delicate laser-cut paper bra, designed by Dutch illustration student Bodil Jane Kleipool with the settings of rugged lava rocks, silica and sulphur filled waters and all that magical-looking steam in the open air.  Kleipool has intentions of producing this bra, having experimented with the design in felt, leather and other kinds of paper so I'll keep you updated should the possibility of combining angsty girl in delicate papier lingerie in the waters of the Blue Lagoon become a reality…



(Photos by Erik Flohr)

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  1. Mila says:

    Pictures are amazing! It looks so unreal! And love the bra!

  2. is that bra made out of paper? amazing patterns, tribal like!
    Love Affair With Fashion

  3. january says:

    beautiful lagoon!! you’re living the dream!
    this bra is absolutely incredible, i will definitely need to look into this designer more
    january, x

  4. Anna says:

    this is such a beautiful place ! i would love to take some photos of there ! perfect for fashion photography

  5. piril says:

    must be a great feeling to swim in blue lagoon,would like to go there sometime,great photos as usual

  6. It would be a brave girl who would go swimming in a paper bra, as amazing as it is. I can totally see that working in felt or leather, it reminds me of those Chinese pictures which are made by delicately cutting away bits of paper. Your bathers are pretty daring too actually! Where are they from?

  7. sheikh abrar says:

    amazing pics and great back-ground love it

  8. Susie I just found your blog yesterday and I am so glad I did! This lagoon looks just like a dream, I am writing it down ‘Visit Reykjavik’ in my bucket list!
    ps: what a fabulous bra…
    Hugs & kisses from Rio!

  9. these picks are AMAZING! and that paper bra is so perfect…maybe not for swimming though :)

  10. WOW. How I would love to have these memories in my head.

  11. Jane says:

    Iceland is a dream trip of mine and to combine with a festival of fashion would be the icing on the cake! beautiful images

  12. Petra says:

    Wow! Love your photos! Amazing.

  13. mogleyohara says:

    I’m dying to go to iceland! Amazing pics & that lazer-cut bra is incredible!

  14. Tim says:

    Cool stuff.
    kids toys

  15. ggs_closet says:

    Stunning photography. And that paper bra is so unique.

  16. Can’t believe I missed this when I went to Iceland. Just another reason I have to go back–it is truly one of the most magical places on earth.

  17. kerrimonster says:

    Every time I see photos like this of Iceland, it just makes me so happy that a place so weird looking a.) exists and b.) has places to go swimming.
    Though it is a brave and special kind of woman who would go swimming in a paper bra! Quite the statement hehe.

  18. saigon says:

    what a daring experiment. what will become of the bra when joinde with water?

  19. We live to inspire, we love to inspire, and we get inspired by you.

  20. Hanna says:

    Simply beautiful.

  21. Bepe says:

    What an amazing paper bra! Is it for sale?
    I’m sure we are going to hear more about Bodil Jane Kleipool’s artwork in the future!

  22. Estela says:

    The pictures are amazing! And the one with the bathing suit isn´t boring at all, it´s really beautiful! I love ur style, i love ur blog and how u take fashion so seriously. Really good job u do! Beautiful design on the bra, by the way.
    Big hug from Brazil:)

  23. Christian says:

    I just want to know two things, one of them is that the water in lagoon is hot? and the other thing is that the bra is an handcraft with paper?

  24. I like the foggy piece of effect the landscape has. One thing I learned here: rivers are androgynous or homosexual, because how else can you explain the fact that the river looks both hot and cold?

  25. Robin K says:

    Truly unique bra, gorgeous! Did you get the see the Sruli Recht collection when in Iceland?

  26. jo says:

    wow! stunning! glad i found your blog!

  27. Bianca says:

    the lagoons are a great way to relax, i went there too when i went to iceland.
    those paper cut out bras are very interesting… wonder if they’ll become popular? lol!

  28. Awesome collections. nice island view thanks for sharing

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