>> This is me bleary eyed and blogging from the LFW tents but ultra happy after hosting (or doing a poor job of hosting…) Fred Butler's S/S 12 presentation.  This is a quickie but since the invite did say her S/S 12 film would be on the blog, I'm bunging it up here.  Bunging – that's too shonky a word.  I'm 'carefully embedding' this wondrous rainbow delight of a film by Zaiba Jabbar, produced by Crane.tv for your perusal.  There, I'm out of fancy words now.  Need to chow down on something before I pass out…

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  1. Emily says:

    You have such a wonderful way with words! Beautiful vid

  2. Wow! It’s an awwwesome print on the fabrics

  3. Aquarelle says:

    Love the music. The outfits remind me a lot of Nick Cave’s soundsuits! http://soundsuitshop.com/
    Cheers–love your style!

  4. Smokey Eyes says:

    That is a trippy video to say the least. Very 1960′s but I do love the bright colors and the fashion is awesome! It’s a different take on fashion but I love it.

  5. Creative shooting — it fits the collection perfectly. And word play is one of my favorite things, so please keep on inventing new vocabulary ;-)

  6. Crazy Point says:

    This is really a fascinating blog, lots of stuff that I can get into. …

  7. Fashiomilla says:

    Oh that was beautiful! I just love it (just as much as I love you and all your fancy words hehe)!

  8. Very cool textures and ideas! Thanks for the post!

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