• Love that I always see the best pieces by Brit designers abroad @nicoll_studio @liger_hk
  • Swash land at @liger_hk Patterson St store #SwashLondon
  • Patchwork chair by Brut Cake at @littlethingmag shop in OCT Loft Shenzhen
  • Close up of @_dion_lee_ skirt and #ToBeAdored shirt from @sister_tokyo
  • Chased after Brunie here up Hollywood Road. Just because.

>> The title is a drink that I'm now quenching after in my post-flight hazy state.  I had a few bloody mary's on the flight but suddenly the introduction of tequila makes for something that I wouldn't mind knocking back and that's thanks to agi&sam whose S/S 12 collection was inspired by this curious shot concoction from Mexico.  Well actually the title is just a playful starting point but it's the cultural journey through Central America that bears fruit for Agape Mdmuller and Sam Cotton's heavily print-based collection.  Style Salvage dissects the influences in greater detail and there's not much point in paraphrasing it all but suffice to say, the resulting prints and colour combinations aren't indicative of your usual sartorial trip through Mexico and Central America.  Not a sombrero in sight in fact – just a neat hat collaboration with Justin Smith Esquire. 

agi&sam is part of a burgeoning group of young menswear designers in London where my eyes will pop out at the lookbook and I greedily wonder whether their size smalls or extra smalls will be alright on me.  Steve likes to loudly growl "Keep your paws off the menswear!  You have enough choice already!!"  He may be right but that doesn't stop me from having a cheeky look at what are potentially interesting menswear pieces that can crossover into womenswear.  Fortunately agi&sam recognise this and have sized their pieces accordingly so that for S/S 12, they can offer womenswear too.  There are some instances of womens-specific designs but by and large, it's just an easy job of adjusting the fit for women, making the pieces unisex in design but not in sizing.  Likewise their printed shoes will also run the gamut of both mens and womens sizing, which means if a rainbow technicolour checked parka or a pixelated Mexican embroidery jacket and shirt is a little overwhelming, then a touch of agi&sam's vibrant prints on the feet might suffice. 


Agiss12_1b Agiss12_2b


Agiss12_3a Agiss12_3b


Agiss12_4b Agiss12_5




Here's another agi&sam tidbit where sex/sizing doesn't matter.  My Sunday afternoons of watching Fresh Prince of Bel-Air repeats will now be incomplete if I don't have a t-shirt on with Will Smith and his heightened hair do.  The potato smileys are just here because they're …well… potato smileys.

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  1. Rene Walrus says:

    Amazing prints! I’ve never hear of these guys before, thanks Susie for opening my eyes. x

  2. Lydia says:

    I adore these! Espesh the first one. And those shoes!

  3. Mr Sleek says:

    I find something interresting in what you bring Susie, because with Web, social netwok etc. The notions of the “exotism” are disappeared. And with this collage, it sets up my theory: It’s already begin, but it still, culture of every country will not exist any more it will be a melting pot! A layout of all the cultures; we shall eat sushis by listening to some African music, wearing clothes made in Italy!

  4. M says:

    Love these! They’re special.

  5. Jenny says:

    i’m loving the shoes with the blue mosaics and woven print. oh and fresh prince is awesome too! X)

  6. Ingrid says:

    You would look great in these concoction of prints!
    Visit me: http://www.sewchique.com

  7. i like their outfits very colorful the style is amazing an also the shoes i want that shoes.:)

  8. Constance says:

    Those shoes… *.* Creativity in pure way

  9. Suzi says:

    WOW FACTOR! Thanks for sharing.
    I always find something interesting on your blog.
    Please come & visit me some time!

  10. ANDORI says:

    I really love the shoes. Can you tell me if any of them is hand painted?
    These pieces are unique.
    Thanks for the pictures.

  11. Mia Kaur says:

    What style of People Dress likes? This website tells how the
    dress code is set for today’s tourists. Hopefully that’s what you’re looking for!

  12. Mia Kaur says:

    What style of People Dress likes? This website tells how the
    dress code is set for today’s tourists. Hopefully that’s what you’re looking for!

  13. Mia Kaur says:

    What style of People Dress likes? This website tells how the
    dress code is set for today’s tourists. Hopefully that’s what you’re looking for!

  14. Swim Shop says:

    These are interesting and different. These Prints & shocking colors are just BUZZING. Shoes really colorful they are vibrant. Just wow.

  15. Sha'Vonn Royale says:

    Follow Celebrity Stylist/Fashion Designer Sha’Vonn Royale @amazyngroyale

  16. elizabeth says:

    i like the potato smiles t-shirt!

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