• Close up of @_dion_lee_ skirt and #ToBeAdored shirt from @sister_tokyo
  • Chased after Brunie here up Hollywood Road. Just because.
  • Thanks to @mrstreetpeeper for tip off about designer sale at top of Times Square. Scored this Junya Watanabe jacket for £150!!! #bargain
  • Insta thank you to @andotherstories and @mrstreetpeeper for putting a bit of spring in my step
  • Retro Hong Kong caff interior at Matchbox Cafe

I did tactfully hint that this year's MBFWA in Sydney was more eventful off-site than it was on-site, with the real action taking place in showrooms and at off-site shows.  Ok, that wasn't so tactful.  But dems the rules of any centralised and systematic fashion week venue, where ambiance and atmosphere are often sacrified in favour of sponsor messages and heavy branding.  I'm therefore glad I made it out to Emma Mulholland's off-schedule event at The Grand Social where she presented her "As Bad As I Guana Be" S/S 12-3 collection, where flaming tequila drinks were the order of the night, alongside a screening of the film that accompanies this collection, directed by Alex Goddard.  That's the sort of wordplay that would endear me to any collection, let alone one that makes Mulholland stand out in the Sydney fashion scene as someone, who has a knack for synthesising streetwear, heightened consideration for fabric and textures and an unlikely cocktail of references together into something she can call her own. 

Mulholland first caught my eye with her take on all things hot n' tropical and rainbow sea-dregged long before before S/S 12's onslaught of sea creature and mermaid themed collections, a theme she had explored in her graduation collection too.  I know people like to talk about colours "popping" at you (what does that actually mean) but in all honesty, Mulholland's colour combos and her eye for detailing really do come alive before your very eyes.  In one way, like so many Australian designers, she is fully attuned with with that extraordinary light that Sydney gets, making the sea look bluer and lush plants look greener.  Mulholland takes that bit of sensitivity though and ramps it up by tenfold and for this collection, she goes looking in the desert for cacti and iguanas and drops them into a basketball court, complete with cropped tees, caps and varsity satin jackets.  Mulholland has tweaked her collection so that it covers all wardrobe bases – leathers, knitwear, a ton of separates and accessories – a natural progression from her last shark-infested "Tropical Rebel" collection that is currently on The Grand Social.  It's this wearability coupled with solid development of brain-searingly memorable motifs that means Mulholland is more than equipped to battle any homogenisation going on in her hometown, to ride her own wave.  Judging by the rapturous Facebook love, I'm definitely not the only one who would want some iguanas on their back come summertime. 










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  1. Elisa Eymery says:

    I feel like Australian designers are generally much better at prints than their british counterparts… Some lovely colours and patterns.
    Wandering Minds clothing

  2. Taylor lewis says:

    I love all the prints and that models is gorgeous.

  3. maya.autumn says:

    aggghhhhh yay cactuses! since Jeremy Scott’s S/S collection i’ve developed a huge obsession with cactuses/cactus prints etc.. this is an absolutely beautiful collection – there isn’t a thing i don’t like about it – it’s just TOO perfectio. seriously, i love it. <3

  4. Rhoda says:

    love this crazy printed sport inspired collection!

  5. fashioninfor says:

    I just love your style. This outfit is so craze and those shoes are gorgeous!!

  6. Izzy Sanchez says:

    Oh my goodness, one of my favorite collections so far this season
    Absolutely wonderful!

  7. Joy D. says:

    I featured her fashion film on my blog a couple of weeks ago! I love how it is defining this new sense of Rad-ical. Would I wear most of the collection? No. But I think it is a very approachable brand that has a few surprises.

  8. great!

  9. great!

  10. Ernesto says:

    Very lovely pictures and the colors are just perfect for the dress. I can not express my self on words but is pretty to me, I guess my page (textme4free.com) need some bright colors like the one I found here today, Thanks!!

  11. info@therow.com says:

    nothing new /// a good stylist not a designer. Derivative of things we’ve all seen before over and over again and will be easily digested by the market – sadly.

  12. So much love for the reptile printed pieces in this collection.
    Dark Blue Stripes

  13. lusine says:

    stunning looks! great collection.

  14. YES. this is like, everything I want right now.

  15. Deadly Bite says:

    There’s something very unique about this collection. I love all those reptile-themed textures and prints (I’m in my acid colour experimentation phase right now LOL), and I’d KILL for those green shoes *O*
    The iguanas-with-basket-balls cap and the reptilian shirts are among my big favourites too.
    Love it! ^^

  16. Lisa Price says:

    Obsessed with these looks! SO unique. I love it. Your blog is fab.

  17. mellie says:

    Fucking perfect. Just an inspiration to every young fashion design student in Sydney.

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