>> After my journey of rediscovering the work of Antoni & Alison, I swiftly returned to their Ye Olde Worlde Super Modern tea room in their Clerkenwell store to have a chat, copious amounts of tea and another Super Modern biccie with Antoni Burakowski (Alison Roberts couldn't make it).  This time round, we were discussing their new collaboration with Casio G-Shock watches which has resulted in two limited edition scrawled and felt-tipped laden mens G-Shock and womens Baby-G.  They went through dozens of felt tip pen scribbles before settling on one that says "Hello" with a flower (that's Alison's influence) and another that is emboldened with stripes, in their signature "super modern" style.  These bold scribbles are naive to the point of ridiculous but Antoni & Alison certainly don't care.  They sit in context with their work, which has always pointed out the obvious for a laugh.  My Baby-G wearing days are over (still have a deeply horrible allergic reaction to most watch backs and no, taping over it doesn't work) but they'll be available in a run of 100 in the Casio store in Covent Garden and in Selfridges as of today.  




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  1. bestdressedpoland.blogspot.com says:

    Great “discovery”.
    Greetings from

  2. looks like this is perfectly DIY-able with a little help from black sharpie marker.

  3. Iwona says:

    Very interesting blog:) I greet:)

  4. Brittany says:

    That Sharpie shit is pure magic. Reminds me of scribbling all over my shoes and pants while sitting in class.

  5. Love it!!!I want it!!!Thank you for showing us this beauty…

  6. Swatch is probably more in my type, but this is cool as well.

  7. Anna Seal says:

    Awsome. Impressed with the presentation as well. Great work.

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