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>> I've barely time to go to the loo/eat/remember what day it is so do forgive me if I'm repro-ing content over the next week or so whilst Paris is going on.  I'm banging out show reports left, right and centre but not for the blog which will always be a sacred place devoted to randomness and unstructured tittle tattle.  That's how you like it, right?

Therefore in that scattered vein, with no relation to what's going on at the shows, here's a set of photos I did for Stella McCartney to play around with what is their most famed bag style, the Falabella as well as some of their pre-fall pieces of clothing and shoes.  Not to sound like a spokesperson but as I said in the short interview, it really is the sort of bag that works in many style contexts in that it's both decorative and utilitarian.  Much like a lot of McCartney pieces don't announce their presence by shouting and screaming but by having noticeably unusual detailing, either in the cut or in the fabric choices.  In this instance, black and white satin cut into a Polly Maggoo-esque mini-dress, a feather printed jacquard flounce-sleeved top, a mid-calf and full red skirt, and the snakeskin and tortoiseshell adorned sturdy loafers have those attributes.  All the easier to match up to the Falalalalalabellalalalala.  That's no accidental typo.  That's just how I say the name in my head.   














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  1. milex says:

    you’re absolutely wonderful

  2. Cool accessories. I like the fashion too.

  3. WOWS says:

    Love those heels print!
    Kisses from
    Don’t miss you my A-Line midi skirt of my last look…and the NEW WOrldwide Giveaway on my blog!!.

  4. The Fashion Fraction says:

    all of these looks are super awesome.. as always

  5. Aurélie says:

    Love that dress! You look stunning in it.

  6. Joy. says:

    All these looks! By far my favorites of all time!
    With love,
    n e w b l o g | justlikesushi.com

  7. you definitely are something else!! i love your style, your attitude and your blog! daily source of inspiration<3
    Love, love love this blog

  8. Hong says:

    Lovely Outfits! Especially the second one just love those prints on top and pants ‚ô°
    And they indeed can be used in various styles! I love how the first two bags look folded!
    much loves,

  9. Marta Pozzan says:

    The gray bag is amazing, I also love the shoes from the last outfit and the first ones, amazing details…

  10. hi says:

    i thought that shirt was American Eagle

  11. Iris says:

    Cutie! Loving the orange skirt and striped dress :)
    xoxo Iris

  12. Sonia says:

    Love the bell sleeves on the peacock printed top and the way that you’ve layered it. Looking fab!

  13. Rita says:

    What a lovely stripe dress, goes so well with the burgundy padded jacket. Gives it that feminine look mixed with masculine and with the small detail on the heel of your loafers. Love!

  14. Loving those melange socks, with the heeled stiletto! Almost too hot to trot!

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